segunda-feira, 30 de outubro de 2006

Financiamento dos Republicanos à Big Pharma.

Essa informação é passada somente no original para não haver dúvida. Encontra-se no The Wall Street Journal de 25 de outubro de 2006. Reproduzo três parágrafos não consecutivos.

título : Fearing a Democratic Victory, Drug Makers Fund Key Races
(1) Few businesses have more at stake in next month's congressional elections than pharmaceutical makers. Assailed by Democrats, drug companies are pouring millions of dollars into close races, giving some Republicans a financial edge. In the process, the industry is becoming not just a campaign backer, but also a campaign issue.
(2) The Republican-controlled Congress has been kind to drug makers. As the prescription-drugs benefit was crafted, Republicans battled not just Democratic critics but also fiscal conservatives in their own party who opposed creating the expensive government program.
(3) Congressional Republican leaders prevented Medicare from negotiating prices with the industry. They also killed a proposal that would have allowed the government to offer its own coverage in competition with those sold by private companies. The industry successfully argued that the government's clout would mess up prices and stifle innovation.

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