segunda-feira, 16 de junho de 2008

O ranking das Big Pharmas do bem

The Financial Times noticia que a Big Pharma européia, principalmente a britânica GSK têm produtos dirigidos aos pobres do que os equivalentes americanos e japoneses. A lista completa pode ser vista clicando aqui. Os top five foram GSK (Reino Unido), Novo Nordisk (Dinamarca), Merck (EUA, aqui Merck Sharp & Dhome), Novartis (Suíça) e Sanofi Aventis (França).
GSK outperforms U.S. peers in efforts to make drugs available, affordable to the poor, analysis indicates.
"European pharmaceutical companies -- led by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) --outperform their U.S. peers in efforts to make medicines available and affordable to the poor, according to an analysis to be released today." U.K.-based "GSK, which is involved in price discounts and researching drugs for use in the developing world, rates highest, while Merck, in third place, is the only U.S. company among the top seven." Notably, "[n]o Japanese businesses "are present and three generic manufacturers, often lauded by non-governmental organizations for their role in making medicines affordable, rank close to the bottom of the top 20." Consultancy firm Innovest's "The Access to Medicines Index,...ranks the companies based on an independent assessment of eight aspects of their activity," and is the "first attempt to quantify the rhetoric of corporate responsibility and allow comparisons between them."

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