segunda-feira, 30 de abril de 2007

KFC elimina frituras com ácidos graxos poli-insaturados na forma trans

Abaixo, despacho da Associated Press. Ao que constar, a rede Starbuck´s já tomou posição idêntica. Faltam ainda McDonald´s e Burguer King que possuem filiais no Brasil.KFC Eliminates Trans Fat From Its Chicken
ASSOCIATED PRESSApril 30, 2007; Page B6
KFC's fried-chicken buckets soon will proclaim that its chicken has zero grams of trans fat. The KFC chain, a subsidiary of
Yum Brands Inc., Louisville, Ky., is announcing that all 5,500 of its U.S. restaurants have stopped frying chicken in trans fat. The company said in October it was switching to a new soybean oil believed to be less likely to cause heart disease. Sister brand Taco Bell also is expected to announce that its U.S. restaurants have switched to an oil with zero grams of trans fat. All 4,200 single-brand Taco Bells were converted to a canola oil, and all 1,400 multibrand locations switched to a soybean oil, it said. Other companies, including Wendy's International Inc., Starbucks Corp., McDonald's Corp. and Burger King Holdings Inc. have also said they will phase out trans fat from their products

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